Custom OEM Solutions



Custom Design Capabilities

  • Optimized Packaging: special connectors, form-factors
  • Power Ratings: custom current and voltage ratings
  • Multi-Axis: rack based sytems and 2/3/4-axis packages
  • Environmentally Hardened: for more extreme applications
  • Java Beans: fill-in-the-blanks custom indexer functions
  • Performance Edge: low noise, temperature compensation
  • Enhanced Firmware: custom compensation filters
  • Feedback: special encoders



Robot Controller

Embedded Drive

Designed for embedding in a robot arm joint, this circular, single-board drive is also ideal for mounting

on the back of a rotary motor. Taking power density to new levels, the drive is capable of delivering

continuous current up to 15A. Controller interfaces include both EtherCAT and CANopen.




Robot Controller

Water-Cooled 64-Axis Beam Steering Coil Driver

With the requirement of 10A per coil, water-cooling is the obvious soultion to keep overall size

to a minimum and optimize thermal management. Four standard Stepnet PLUS modules,

each driving four coils, are mounted to a cooling plate. The modules mate to an interface board

which is fully connectorized. Each coil is controlled via the EtherCAT network.



Robot Controller

19" Rack System

Incorporating 12 drives, power supply and connectorized backplane this complete rack custom

delivers an elegant packaging solution.



Robot Controller

4-Axis Robot Controller

Based on Accelnet PLUS modules this 4-axis controller box incorporates EtherCAT connectivity.

Each module delivers 15A of continuous current. Safe Torque Off functionality reduces system cost

when the robot is used in a safety critical application.